Overcoming Hurdles: How Optimal Helped Marcus Thomas Decrease CPL by 68%

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Marcus Thomas, a marketing communications agency, partnered with Optimal to utilize one of our privacy compliant, DTC audiences on an active Facebook campaign. The objective was to generate leads for the client’s product, which we achieved at a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) 68% lower than the defined goal.

The target audience for this campaign, a small subset of people that treat their condition in a specific way, is often very difficult to find. Despite this, Optimal was able to find the target audience through a relevant, survey based audience, modeled to the smallest size allowable by the NAI Code of Conduct. This waste minimizing approach helped Marcus Thomas to achieve their goals, overcome hurdles, and exceed business KPIs at a significantly lower CPL.

Working with Optimal and Optimal data has helped our client find and reach a very niche medical data audience that is often hard to find, due to platforms like Meta limiting sensitive data availability to advertisers. With Optimal’s help, we’ve been able to reach the right audience at the right time and exceed our client’s KPIs.

- Marcus Thomas Media Supervisor

At Optimal, we combine the highest quality data and brand-safe inventory to deliver the most effective digital media solutions for consumer health brands and organizations. Fully-permissioned, transparent, and trustworthy, we protect patient privacy while creating the highest quality audiences anywhere. Contact us to learn about our data and media solutions that can help you lower CPL.

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