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Consumer behavior is constantly changing. But when it moves, we move with it – using real-time consumer insights to optimize your media spend, generating quality brand KPIs, and giving you results to shout about.

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From data onboarding and reporting, to media planning and programmatic execution, the award-winning Deploy platform gives you the power to reach your audiences, measure results, and achieve your goals.

The power of multiple platforms, in one award-winning tool

Deploy is packed with features that help you achieve incredible results. With match rates as high as 90 percent, we reach up to three times more individuals in your target audience than other solutions, putting us head and shoulders above the competition.

Smart yet simple

Most advertising technologies are complex and only solve one problem. Deploy is built to do it all – onboard data, create audiences, plan media, execute, and measure – all within one interface. Quick to learn, easy to use, and powerful enough to handle even the most complex campaigns. Bring it on!

Our data or yours

Onboard your data with ease, or take advantage of our proprietary and exclusive datasets that come pre-loaded with Deploy. Our robust Audience Builder gives you control to build hyper-targeted audience segments. And with our unique approach to onboarding, we typically achieve match rates as high as 90%.

Battle-tested technology

Twice named “Most Innovative Product of the Year,” Deploy was built first for political campaigns, evolving over time to solve the biggest challenges for candidates, brands, and organizations. From competitive elections to public health campaigns, Deploy is proven to reach audiences even in the most challenging digital climates.

Addressable and accountable

Easily plan and execute media against high-quality programmatic inventory spanning CTV, display, native, and more, all with built-in viewability standards and controls.

Actionable data, in real-time

Never miss an opportunity, with automated, cloud-based reporting and analytics at your fingertips to track KPIs, surface insights, and optimize media.

Deeper audience insights

We match your list against the national voter file, surfacing insights and improving match rates and helping you reach more of your audience online.

Spanning all addressable channels

Plan, activate, and measure across all connected platforms – spanning desktop, mobile, native, video, and CTV.



CTV & video


Audience builder

Meet the most powerful Audience Builder on the market. Our game-changing platform lets you build hyper-targeted audiences, and reach the individuals you want, in seconds.

With our baseline of pre-sets, you can layer additional data points to create granular audiences, including age, race, gender, party affiliation, digital consumption, and much more. Design complex audiences, and get up and running in minutes.

Data onboarding

Match more of your audience online. Leverage our simple meta data onboarder and data appending tools to achieve match rates of up to 90%. Always one step ahead, Deploy beautifully visualizes demographic, behavioral, and political attributes for each custom audience you create, making you smarter and informing wider marketing and communications efforts.

Media planner

Build sophisticated media plans at the click of a button, spanning programmatic video, display, native, and CTV. With built-in anti-fraud measures and an emphasis on viewability, we ensure your message reaches real people, not bots – all on brand-safe inventory.

Reporting & optimization

Surface insights and create reports that enable you to understand what’s working and where you can optimize across audiences, creative, and inventory types.

Winning results

We work tirelessly to achieve purposeful growth and results for our clients. Here are some of our recent successes and wins. The next one could be yours.

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Deploy for Public Affairs

The first programmatic platform built especially for politics and public affairs, Deploy provides best-in-class data, onboarding, and reach so you can amplify your influence. Whether you’re managing digital programs for one client or managing multiple clients and campaigns, Deploy has the tools to reach your audiences at scale on display, native, video, and CTV. It's no wonder Deploy was named Campaign and Elections “Most Innovative Product of the Year.”

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