Inspiring audiences across a changing media landscape

The way we consume and experience entertainment continues to evolve. From big screens and phone screens to live and on-demand, there are so many new and exciting ways to reach and engage audiences, however they want to watch.

At Optimal, we harness our deep understanding of consumers and their evolving media habits to place your content in front of the right people in the channels they watch most.

Driving attendance and filling seats

We’ll help you maximize movie attendance from opening weekend throughout the chase. And you’ll see the results — with measurable and accountable attendance and box office revenue.

Harnessing the power of VOD

Entertainment has evolved, and so have we – embracing linear, cable media, and subscription platforms. We support theatrical movie releases through VOD debuts to drive maximum revenue for productions of all sizes.

For your consideration campaigns

Awards fuel recognition, awareness, and long-term success. From Academy Awards to influential film festivals, we’re experts at reaching industry audiences that drive successful FYC campaigns. And we've got the Oscars to prove it.

Showstopping performance

Entertainment marketing has historically lagged consumer behavior, ignoring shifts in media consumption in favor of traditional advertising methods. The result? Waste and lack of attribution. We do things differently, ensuring we maximize P&A budgets to drive the greatest amount of box office, PVOD, TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD revenues. From multi-platform day-and-date launch strategies to nationwide releases across thousands of screens — we work with clients of all shapes and sizes, providing the same level of dedication and expertise for all and making promotional budgets work harder.

Connecting with audiences everywhere

We take a holistic approach to digital marketing, optimizing for efficiencies between tactics and channels. We make changes in real-time based on audience reactions and results – pivoting to give you the greatest impact. Our technology considers channel, audience, creative placement, time of day, format, and more, to deliver your content to the right people, whenever and wherever they’re watching.

Investing with confidence in P&A

We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of our work that we often put our money where our mouth is — partnering with filmmakers, producers, and distributors to invest directly into P&A budgets. This lowers cash outlay needs and de-risks investments for film consortiums.

Solutions for every marketing challenge

Our comprehensive digital media solutions are designed to inspire, persuade and, most importantly, perform against KPIs that matter – helping you achieve your goals and win. With the measurable results to prove it.

  • Paid search

    Intent-based strategies designed to improve placement and drive conversion for brands, campaigns, and organizations.

  • Paid social

    Engage and inspire with award-winning creative and targeting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and beyond.

  • Search engine optimization

    A blend of technical, content, and link building tactics to increase rankings and drive metrics that matter.

  • Programmatic

    High-quality inventory and advanced targeting to increase visibility, capture attention, and inspire action.

  • CTV & video

    Harness the power of non-skippable video, from the largest screens at home to mobile content always on the go.

  • Amazon & retail media

    Optimize your digital shelf and drive sales on Amazon, as well as other leading ecommerce and retail media channels.

  • Measurement

    Analytics and streamlined reporting across KPIs to uncover opportunities and inform optimization.

  • Strategy & planning

    Bespoke strategy and channel planning to achieve even the most difficult persuasion and performance marketing goals.

  • Performance creative

    Combining art and science to design exciting creative and interactive experiences that persuade and perform.

  • Data onboarding

    Offline data comes to life with our proprietary, meta onboarding technology designed to maximize match rates, reach, and frequency.

  • Data licensing

    Access our exclusive and proprietary first-party datasets and survey panels to reach consumers, voters, and patients on your platform of choice.

  • Audience development

    Leverage the Optimal Data Cloud to build first-party segments specifically designed to move your audiences.

Connect with your audience, where they are

Engage and persuade your target audience across all connected platforms – spanning desktop, mobile, video, social, and more.



DOOH & theater




Streaming audio

CTV & video

Amazon & VOD

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