Performance marketing designed to move

Consumer behavior is constantly changing. But when it moves, we move with it, using real-time consumer insights to optimize your media spend, generating quality brand KPIs, and delivering results that matter.

We measure our work on metrics that matter – tracking engagement and conversion, not just impressions. Compelling content, served to the most relevant audience, at the moment they’re most likely to act. So you achieve results that deliver on your investment, and your objectives.


lower cost per acquisition



increase in new market penetration



increase in online sales



increase in ROAS


Wins for brands big and small

When you work with Optimal, you’re in good company. We partner with brands across the marketing spectrum – from innovative startups to household names – providing tailored solutions that deliver winning results.

Cross-channel optimization

What makes your audience tick? We leverage real-time insights into the motivations, purchase behaviors, ad preferences, retail affinities, lifestyle, and digital routines of each audience we reach. How? We split test hundreds of variable combinations and pinpoint which messages, audiences, and channels deliver results. So you can target the right people at just the right moment, with digital advertising that inspires action, not just interest.

Measurable results across the consumer journey

Whether you’re looking to drive high-converting traffic to your landing pages, views for your latest videos, engagement on your social media posts, or purchases across the retail media landscape, we optimize your campaign against your specific goals, helping achieve your KPIs, and delivering a higher ROI.


Aura is a category-defining insights panel that uses AI-driven modeling and precision scaling to enable the creation of privacy-first, ultra-targeted audiences.

Consumer insights

We derive detailed insights from 2.5MM+ consumers in our permissioned audience panel.

AI modeling

We use AI and machine learning to create custom models for each audience, using over 5,500 attributes.

Precision scaling

We scale each audience to precisely match the seed, with audiences as small as 5K people.

Strategic activation

We provide flexible ways to activate through our self-service PMP, on Facebook or with our fully-managed service.

Solutions for every marketing challenge

Our comprehensive digital media solutions are designed to inspire, persuade and, most importantly, perform against KPIs that matter – helping you achieve your goals and win. With the measurable results to prove it.

  • Paid search

    Intent-based strategies designed to improve placement and drive conversion for brands, campaigns, and organizations.

  • Paid social

    Engage and inspire with award-winning creative and targeting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and beyond.

  • Search engine optimization

    A blend of technical, content, and link building tactics to increase rankings and drive metrics that matter.

  • Programmatic

    High-quality inventory and advanced targeting to increase visibility, capture attention, and inspire action.

  • CTV & video

    Harness the power of non-skippable video, from the largest screens at home to mobile content always on the go.

  • Amazon & retail media

    Optimize your digital shelf and drive sales on Amazon, as well as other leading ecommerce and retail media channels.

  • Measurement

    Analytics and streamlined reporting across KPIs to uncover opportunities and inform optimization.

  • Strategy & planning

    Bespoke strategy and channel planning to achieve even the most difficult persuasion and performance marketing goals.

  • Performance creative

    Combining art and science to design exciting creative and interactive experiences that persuade and perform.

  • Data onboarding

    Offline data comes to life with our proprietary, meta onboarding technology designed to maximize match rates, reach, and frequency.

  • Data licensing

    Access our exclusive and proprietary first-party datasets and survey panels to reach consumers, voters, and patients on your platform of choice.

  • Audience development

    Leverage the Optimal Data Cloud to build first-party segments specifically designed to move your audiences.

Connect with your audience, everywhere

Engage and persuade your target audience across all connected platforms – spanning desktop, mobile, video, social, and more.







Streaming audio

CTV & video

Amazon & retail media

Winning results

We work tirelessly to achieve purposeful growth and results for our clients. Here are some of our recent successes and wins. The next one could be yours.

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