Reach and persuade vaccine-hesitant audiences


The COVID-19 pandemic presented the challenge of reaching audiences in a difficult environment flooded with blatant misinformation. Optimal partnered with five state departments of health to reach, educate, and persuade them to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

We began with a longitudinal study of over 10,000 individuals to understand the core reasons for vaccine hesitancy and to create audience models for vaccine-hesitant individuals likely to be persuaded with facts and information.

Our various state departments of health clients designed tailored creative directly addressing the concerns of different vaccine-hesitant audiences in their respective states, with an emphasis on video and social media marketing to deliver each message. 

Reach and Persuade with Optimal

Overall Optimal drove 93% video completion rates for 30-second and 15-second video ads and a resounding 38% attitudinal change in sentiment among the most unreceptive audiences.

Today, the states in which we advertised boast the highest rates of vaccination against COVID-19, including Rhode Island with over 80% of the adult population has received at least two doses.

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