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Powered by DSPolitical, Optimal pioneers the best integration of data and technology to persuade audiences and deliver wins for Democratic and progressive candidates, causes, and issues with the most efficient and effective digital advertising campaigns in politics.

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Our proprietary enterprise software, expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best voter file data make us the clear choice for Democratic candidates and causes to mobilize voters, inspire change, and win.

Unmatched experience

Our team has decades of experience working with Democratic campaigns and progressive causes up and down the ballot. Together with our expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best data, our voter-targeted media is the clear choice for candidates seeking advantage over the competition.

Award-winning technology

Deploy is the political-first programmatic platform built for Democratic candidates. Twice named Campaign and Elections’ “Most Innovative Product of the Year,” Deploy provides best-in-class data, onboarding, and reach so campaigns and causes can target the exact voters they need to win.

Brand-safe media

When it comes to political communication, every impression counts. Our unique combination of verified inventory, exclusive data, and onboarding technology means we’re able to reach more voters and deliver more targeted advertising than any other solution on the market – all on brand safe sites and placements.

Unrivaled political data

Take full advantage of our exclusive access to the Democratic party’s leading voter data providers, enabling us to provide voter-file targeted advertising to hundreds of millions of online identities across all addressable channels.

Locally-targetable CTV inventory

CTV is one of the fastest-growing and most effective advertising solutions. With access to the largest source of high-quality, voter-targeted CTV inventory anywhere, we give campaigns up and down the ballot a direct path to reach voters on the largest screen in the house.

Worldwide reach and impact

We’re proud of our trailblazing work here and around the globe. We’ve brought our pioneering digital advertising technology and data to Australia, Canada, England, Mexico, and Brazil. And we’re always looking to expand into other countries and regions.

Reach voters across the digital landscape

Engage and persuade your target audience across all connected platforms – spanning desktop, mobile, video, social, and more.

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Winning results

We work tirelessly to achieve purposeful growth and results for our clients. Here are some of our recent successes and wins. The next one could be yours.

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Our self-service platform for down-ballot candidates

Named “Best Self-Serve Platform” by Campaigns and Elections Magazine, DemocraticAds.com is built to support down-ballot campaigns and inspire wins in all 50 states.

Simple to use and fully integrated with NGP VAN, DemocraticAds.com allows you to surround the exact voters online that you are targeting at the doors, on the phones, and in the mail.

Power up your performance

Get ahead with the news and insights you need to inform and inspire your next successful digital media campaign.

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