How Finn Partners and Volta Medical Utilized Optimal’s Aura Data Cloud to Reduce CPC by 31%

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When recruiting for clinical trials, it’s important to reach qualified respondents in specific locations quickly in order to expedite opportunities to get life-saving treatments to market. Volta Medical, an electrophysiology company whose mission is to aid in the treatment of complex heart rhythm disease, engaged Finn Partners for help recruiting patients for its RESTART clinical trial. Faced with the complex challenge of effectively reaching atrial fibrillation (AFIB) patients and caregivers within a 50-mile radius of each of five key trial sites across the country, Finn Partners leveraged the Optimal Aura Data Cloud to build highly-targeted, HIPAA and NAI-compliant audience segments.


As part of a digital advertising campaign to recruit trial participants, Finn Partners developed separate tailored campaigns for AFIB patients and caregivers. Equipped with detailed insights from 2.5MM+ patients in its permissioned audience panel, Optimal used AI and machine learning to create custom models for each group Finn Partners aimed to reach on behalf of Volta Medical. Optimal’s Aura audiences guided precise targeting strategies to maximize Meta campaign impact, despite platform limitations constraining detailed demographic parameters. Optimal’s verified, opted-in third-party data and proprietary audience-building methodologies helped Finn Partners reach qualified patients and caregivers while prioritizing consumer privacy and protecting against platform changes and cookie deprecation.


The campaign yielded remarkable success, efficiently reaching AFIB patients and caregivers in the desired locations at a cost-per-click 31% lower than health industry average, with a clickthrough rate 51% higher than health industry average*. Engagements on paid social posts from relevant accounts indicated the accuracy of audience targeting and content, with almost no media waste or bot comments slowing down the process of filling Volta Medical’s trials. Equipped with the best possible data from Optimal's Aura Data Cloud and a highly-targeted media plan aligned with industry best practices, Volta was able to quickly complete clinical trial enrollment with qualified candidates. Speed to enrollment means Volta can more quickly evaluate their technology’s impact in assessment of complex atrial fibrillation.

*Benchmarks from 2023 Wordstream data

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