Supporting a Leading Pharmaceutical Brand’s Clinical Trial Campaigns

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Optimal was one of four DTC, condition-specific audience providers approached by a large pharmaceutical brand’s agency with the request of reaching patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for their upcoming clinical trial campaign. The client wanted to reach their audience across Facebook and Instagram, and sought support in identifying and targeting the appropriate audience and model size for their campaign.

Our team of experts first evaluated the client's requirements and objectives, and then discussed the appropriate audience sizing given campaign geo-targeting parameters and Multiple Sclerosis incidence. We then pushed the tailored audience model to the client's Meta ad account, ensuring efficient and effective activation.

To measure the success of the campaign, our partner tracked how many patients converted from the ad they saw on their newsfeed to the landing page. Conversions were defined as qualified patients signing up to be referred for the trial.

The client's clinical trial campaign was, and still is, successful, reaching the desired target audience and generating significant engagement from patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Our audience targeting and activation efforts continue to help our client achieve their desired outcome.

Since launching this campaign in fall of 2022, Optimal has driven the most conversions of all four providers involved in our client’s campaign. In fact, our conversion total is greater than the amount of conversions garnered by the three other agencies combined. Through excellent cooperative service, Optimal has proven ourselves as the only partner able to scale and deliver, helping the client achieve their objectives and gather valuable insights for future campaigns. 

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