How Optimal Helped Healthy Hearing Lower CPA by 60%

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Healthy Hearing came to Optimal with the goal of increasing appointments made with hearing clinics and audiologists through Healthy Hearing’s online directory at a lower CPA. Optimal’s expert Lead Generation PPC team helped Healthy Hearing meet and exceed their growth goal.


With more than 3,500 hearing clinics in over 2,000 different cities, the Healthy Hearing team was struggling to maximize their reach of potential customers across their expansive network. Their existing search advertising campaigns were set up to target searches for individual cities, a complex strategy that required a lot of extra time to manually manage ads. Due to this limitation, Healthy Hearing was only able to run ads in a select few metro areas which left hundreds of their clinics completely unrepresented in their paid search campaigns. With no efficient way to send searchers to a location-specific directory page, Healthy Hearing looked to Optimal to improve their search strategy and expand their reach online.


Optimal revamped Healthy Hearing’s digital advertising program with a dynamic search ads strategy, increasing reach and clinic appointments at a lower CPA.

Step 1: Keyword Research

To capture as much traffic as possible, Optimal’s first task was to conduct in-depth keyword research and search query analysis to see how people were searching for clinics online. Through their discovery process, Optimal found that queries were falling into two main cohorts: clinic-specific and city-specific searches.

Step 2: Sitemap Analysis

To leverage Healthy Hearing’s existing site structure, which included thousands of individual landing pages for clinics and metro areas, Optimal analyzed Healthy Hearing’s well-established sitemap to understand the best way to segment campaigns for different types of search queries. Based on the URL structure, the team was able to separate landing pages into two categories – clinic names and city names – to align to the two main keyword cohorts discovered during their keyword research.

Step 3: Implementation of Dynamic Search Ads

To accommodate searches for both clinics and cities, the Optimal team implemented a dual-targeting strategy. Customers searching for specific clinics were directed to individual clinic landing pages, while customers searching for more general geographic locations were directed to city-based landing pages with multiple clinic options to choose from.

With such a large inventory of Healthy Hearing landing pages, Optimal leveraged Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) to help maximize search query coverage and use Healthy Hearing’s site structure to its fullest potential. DSAs match a customer’s search query to the most highly relevant landing page based on the landing page URL and landing page content, streamlining targeting and leading to lower CPA. To establish the targeting methodology for the DSA campaigns, Optimal layered geolocation targets on top of Healthy Hearing’s sitemap. This created a page feed which could capture searches for all clinics and metro areas, drastically expanding the reach of Healthy Hearing’s paid search campaigns.

Beyond the ability to dynamically match queries to landing pages, DSAs also dynamically generate an ad headline that closely matches each search query. This feature, combined with the ability to send searchers to highly relevant landing pages, makes DSAs a powerful tool for effective direct response advertising. High ad and landing page relevance ensures higher quality scores, higher click-thru rates, lower cost per click and a more efficient cost per appointment.


Leveraging Dynamic Search Ads, Optimal helped Healthy Hearing achieve the highest appointment-based metrics they had seen to date, at a lower CPA. Appointments made through Healthy Hearing’s online directory increased by 60% over one quarter, with an 11% increase in total traffic quarter over quarter.

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