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Online advertising can get complicated, but our specialists make it simpler for your brand. By utilizing sophisticated demand-side platforms, we automate the process of ad buying and selling through real-time, auction-based programmatic advertising. As an award-winning programmatic advertising agency, we ensure your ads reach your target audience effectively across the websites, social platforms, mobile apps, and connected TV programs they already engage with. Partner with us today to transform how your ads perform in the digital space.

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Our programmatic advertising services

Programmatic advertising is one of the fastest, most effective ways to introduce online audiences to your messaging. It allows for precise audience targeting, cost-effective campaign management, and performance tracking that leads to even better results over time. Our experts know programmatic inside and out — we even wrote a programmatic ad dictionary to help you understand every aspect.

Data-led audience targeting

Optimal uses data-led audience targeting strategies to identify precise audiences that will respond well to your programmatic ads. We analyze vast data sets on audience interests, online behaviors, and preferences, before defining your target audiences on each platform. This ensures that your programmatic ads are served only to the most relevant viewers, maximizing campaign effectiveness, driving engagement, and eliminating media waste.

Dynamic media planning & buying

Our programmatic advertising experts approach media planning and buying dynamically, streamlining the process of acquiring ad inventory across the world's most visited digital channels. At Optimal, we identify the best ad placement opportunities to effectively reach your target audiences on your budget. We'll help automate an otherwise complicated media buying process, earning your brand the advertising space you need to effectively reach potential customers.

Ad trafficking

We'll help manage your entire ad trafficking process, from campaign setup, management, and measurement to optimization and ongoing reporting. Our team handles the technical details, connecting your brand's messaging with audience members ready to convert. Optimal works with your brand to coordinate each stage of the ad trafficking process, building ad content for approval before testing and refining that content once your programmatic advertising campaigns go live.

Real-time optimization (RTO)

Our programmatic advertising team also facilitates real-time optimization (RTO), ensuring that your campaigns adjust on the fly for maximum effectiveness. We continuously monitor key performance metrics like click-through rates, total impressions, and conversions, optimizing your campaigns as audience behaviors and market dynamics change. This dynamic and agile approach to campaign improvement ensures that your campaigns remain adaptive and competitive, even in crowded markets.

Brand safety

We prioritize brand safety throughout the lifetime of your programmatic advertising campaigns. This means ensuring your ads appear in suitable environments, free from harmful, inciteful, or inappropriate content. Optimal uses rigorous content scanning and verification tools to keep your ads away from objectionable websites. We also use click fraud prevention strategies to mitigate fraudulent traffic, preserving your budget and enhancing campaign transparency.

Off-page SEO

Optimal's advanced measurement and reporting capabilities offer deep insight into your campaign's performance. Our programmatic advertising team tracks metrics and conversions across multiple channels in real-time, enabling more efficient and effective distribution of your budget. Our comprehensive reporting dashboards facilitate data-driven decisions about campaign performance, while we closely measure all the KPIs that indicate success.

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Crafted programmatic advertising strategies, elevated results

We’ve worked with some of the most renowned brands across diverse industries, showcasing our proven track record in delivering exceptional programmatic marketing results. Here are some of our recent successes and wins. The next one could be yours.

The Optimal

Our approach to programmatic marketing has been crafted and fine-tuned to elevate your digital presence. From a dedicated, in-house team of programmatic experts to our unique supply path optimization approach, our methodology is as dynamic as the digital landscape itself.


At the heart of our programmatic is a dedicated team of experts. We pride ourselves on fostering an environment where collaboration and creativity with our clients thrive, making businesses feel like we’re truly part of their team.


Optimal strives for open communication and clarity throughout our partnership. From initial strategy discussions to methodological insights to impact, we keep you informed every step of the way.


Optimal has 10+ years of experience in programmatic and has an industry-leading record of retaining personnel. Our team has honed our strategies to adapt to the ever-evolving digital environment and stand the test of time.


The best programmatic agencies know that staying ahead means leveraging the latest technologies. We work tirelessly to remain at the forefront of innovation, employing cutting-edge tools and data-driven approaches.


Our team's unwavering commitment to your goals goes beyond routine tasks; it encompasses a genuine passion for your success. We invest time to understand your brand, industry, and goals, allowing us to tailor our efforts to your unique goals.


Embark on your programmatic journey with confidence, thanks to our custom service agreements. With us, you can expect a collaborative and results-driven experience that minimizes risk and maximizes the return on your investment.

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