Engaging Policy Makers for Pancreatic Cancer Research Funding

Working on behalf of a major healthcare foundation, Optimal was tasked with reaching federal lawmakers to increase funding for pancreatic cancer research.

Optimal worked with the foundation to immerse target policymakers and Congressional staffers with sustained digital advertising efforts. Fueled by our first-party database of policymakers, we were able to take a multi-tiered approach with a combination of direct buys on leading political websites including The Hill and POLITICO, geofencing important government buildings including The White House, CDC, NIH, and Capitol Hill, and custom audience segmentation across programmatic, social and video channels. 

The foundation received a number of high-profile media appearances as a result of the advertising campaign which delivered nearly 10 million high-impact advertising impressions to their target audiences. More importantly, the foundation secured additional awareness for their cause and the additional funding they sought. 

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