Generating brand awareness and revenue for an eCommerce retailer

A large e-commerce retailer needed to increase brand awareness and optimize its advertising to generate sales for their new consumer electronics product launch.

With Optimal’s dedication to performance and consistent optimization, we were able to leverage engaging video and native content across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to exceed sales targets and achieve statistically significant brand lift across multiple channels.

To begin, we tapped Optimal's Aura Data Cloud to build a custom audience of early adopters of technology products. Leveraging purchase history, demographics, and media consumption behavior, we were able to reach precisely those individuals most likely to research and purchase new products and services.

The brand lift campaign reached over 22 million consumers across paid social. Throughout the campaign, we continuously optimized creative and placements to ensure we could maximize performance on key brand awareness metrics. On Twitter, we optimized video creative with subtitles to target users who generally view videos with sound off. On Facebook, we prioritized the use of creative carousels and 30-second videos that better resonated with our target audience. Constant creative testing helped us develop key findings including the need for higher than average frequency rates in order to see significant ad recall lift rate amongst our audience.

After implementation, Optimal ran brand lift studies across both Facebook and Twitter to determine the impact of recall on actual purchases. Overall, we found Facebook generated above industry benchmark lift for Unaided Brand Awareness and Consideration, and on Twitter, engaged audiences drove full funnel lift across all categories.

We were able to leverage various creative assets developed with the client’s agency partners to target audiences across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, build awareness and purchase intent, and ultimately drive sales of a new consumer electronics product. Contact us to learn how we can help your company boost eCommerce success.

Optimal call out 9% increase in unaided awareness on Twitter 7% higher brand lift on Facebook vs. industry benchmarks 66% over-delivery of video views

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