Increasing eCommerce transactions on retailer websites for Barilla

barilla pasta

For over 145 years, Barilla has been synonymous with the world’s best food. Present in over 100 countries, they’re the global leader in the pasta and sauce market. To maintain their position, it was crucial for Barilla to master advertising on social platforms and encourage eCommerce transactions on retailer websites, both from consumers and food service professionals.

Optimal partnered with creative agency Summit F&B to create, plan, and place engaging content and videos online that encouraged consumers to visit Barilla’s webpage and purchase products online from preferred retailers. A pixel was placed on the Barilla website to allow for lookalike targeting of previous website visitors and to support media optimization toward online sales throughout the campaign. 

In addition to reaching consumers, the target audience was expanded to include restaurant managers and owners, specifically those at Italian restaurants and other fine dining establishments. Optimal utilized a combination of historical first-party data, profession, keywords, geolocation, and contextual targeting to reach both B2C and B2B audiences and drive transactions.

Barilla’s results speak for themselves. The campaign over-delivered on all relevant KPIs including reach, video completion rate, website traffic, and, most of all, sales, which helped reinforce Barilla’s position as the largest producer of pasta in the world. Contact us to boost your eCommerce success.

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