Q&A with Senior Director of CTV, Sheb Alahmari

Connected TV (CTV) combines a century-old piece of technology – your TV – with internet capabilities.

Connected TV (CTV) combines a century-old piece of technology – your TV – with internet capabilities: such as data, interaction tracking, and more reliable attribution, all on the biggest screen in the house.

CTV is one of digital advertising’s fastest-growing channels. According to Business Insider, CTV ad spending is anticipated to grow by 30% this year alone. We spoke with Sheb Alahmari, the Senior Director of CTV at Optimal, to answer your questions on CTV and keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

Q & A

Q: What role does Connected TV play in a consumer advertising campaign? 

A: Connected TV is one of the most engaging and influential ad experiences. Especially with the growth of streaming TV, movies, and sports content, we're seeing CTV becoming a more advanced way to deliver a brand's message where it resonates most effectively. 

Q: How does targeting work with CTV?

A: With today's advanced CTV audience targeting capabilities, we can tailor campaigns to reach precise groups of consumers with highly accurate, deterministic, and probabilistic data. We combine our data-driven approach with contextual targeting, enabling us to reach new consumers and those more likely to be in your brand's target audience without the wasted spend of traditional TV. 

Q: How accurate is the data? How granular can you get? 

A: The data is our true differentiator. Utilizing a mixture of our exclusive and proprietary data sources with premium and trusted third-party data sources, we’re able to build new and relevant audience segments that exceed reach and performance benchmarks across all categories. 

Q: How can CTV help brands get additional time with consumers? 

A: CTV is a mass medium, providing massive reach and scale on the largest screen in the household. We help brands can go beyond placement in ad-supported movies and shows to include short-form videos from platforms like YouTube and Twitch, giving them more high-impact time with consumers. 

Q: How do I know CTV is suitable for my brand? 

A: If your goal is to reach consumers, tell your story, and drive action, then CTV is right for you. The historical problem with television advertisements has been the inability to track and measure how the TV screen impacts consumer behavior. Now we can measure and optimize CTV for reach and impact, giving our clients granular insights as to which messages, channels, shows, and CTV inventory providers are most effective and cost-efficient across TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Q: How will CTV be changing? What future trends can we expect?

A: The future of CTV, in my opinion, will be when the technology opens up more ways for consumers to interact and engage with a brand via the TV screen. With Roku and Walmart launching shopper CTV, we are already seeing this, allowing consumers to add to their cart or purchase directly from their Roku remote or mobile phone when served a Walmart brand CTV ad. And we continue to pay close attention to the nationwide rollout of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard that will bring CTV-like targeting to linear television.

Why Optimal?

Over 90% of consumers have access to a CTV device. Engaging audiences across these devices with a variety of targeting options has never been easier. Optimal’s CTV capabilities are built for performance and brand advertisers. We enable brands to extend their reach to the biggest screen in the house and target individuals where they’re most engaged. 

Questions on how to get started with CTV? Get in touch here.

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