Optimal Named 2023 MediaPost Awards Finalist

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Optimal’s innovative approach to media planning and buying exemplifies the power of creativity and strategic thinking.

We're incredibly proud to announce that Optimal has been named a finalist in the esteemed MediaPost Planning & Buying Awards. These prestigious awards celebrate creativity and ingenuity in media strategy, planning, and buying, recognizing that great marketing and advertising campaigns rely on media teams to ensure that best-in-class creative gets seen by the right audiences.

Plunging into Creativity

Optimal's recognition as a finalist stems from their groundbreaking collaboration with Plunge, a cutting-edge direct-to-consumer wellness solution. Plunge's ambitious expansion of their social ads presence in June 2023, marked by a 30% month-over-month increase in spend and a doubling of impressions compared to the previous period, presented a unique challenge. With a newfound emphasis on social media, Plunge required a comprehensive refresh to avoid frequency fatigue, optimize efficiency, and enhance return on ad spend (ROAS).

Creative that Performs

In response, Optimal's Performance Creative team sprang into action, developing 20 static and 12 video assets within a span of just one month. These assets incorporated detailed motion graphics, innovative 3D modeling, and a completely refreshed brand identity, all meticulously crafted with performance in mind. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Plunge's paid social campaigns witnessed a 20% improvement in click engagement, a staggering 140% increase in conversion rate, and a remarkable 62% decrease in new customer cost per acquisition.

This transformative collaboration not only solidified Plunge's position as a household name in the wellness space but also contributed to a remarkable 972% increase in paid acquisition year-over-year. Optimal's innovative approach to media planning and buying exemplifies the power of creativity and strategic thinking in driving meaningful results in the digital marketing landscape. As a finalist in the MediaPost Planning & Buying Awards, Optimal's achievement underscores their commitment to excellence and their ability to leverage cutting-edge strategies to propel brands to new heights.

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