How DemocraticAds will amplify your campaign’s voice

Our award-winning platform DemocraticAds.com makes it easy for your campaign to start running digital ads.

2020 changed the way we approach political activities. Campaign events are on Facebook Live instead of the local park, and volunteers spend their time texting voters instead of knocking on their doors. Without the ability to talk to voters in person, campaigns have to get creative!

Programmatic advertising is a great way to fill in the gaps created by a loss of in-person events. It allows you to reach across a wide range of spaces across the internet and connect with voters.

Optimal is an industry leader for Democrats looking to place programmatic digital advertisements. Our award-winning platform DemocraticAds.com makes it easy for your campaign to get started! With $500 and 10 minutes of your time, you can have your digital ad campaign up and running! As election day inches closer, we’re hard at work behind the scenes to add new updates and features to ensure your campaigns run as efficiently as possible.

Custom Audience Uploader

This allows users to upload custom lists of targets. We already established integration with NGP VAN and the Custom Audience Uploader gives you more flexibility. Once you upload your list, DSP’s software will automatically begin to match your audience’s offline information and, once onboarded, will start serving ads to them!

Interface Updates for Metrics

We made our reports page easy-to-read and easy-to-use! It makes graphs much easier to understand in order to better see how your ad campaigns are performing. As you can see below, we made sure that everything is laid out in a simple manner that highlights the most important information first.

Launch ASAP

This tool lets you program your ads to launch the moment they’re ready. Whether you just uploaded a custom audience and cannot launch until your matching is complete or you had an incredible fundraiser and need to get your ads up and running, “Launch ASAP” means you can get your campaign running as promptly as possible. No more waiting and checking in on your custom audience’s matching status, the campaign will start the launch process as soon as our program is done matching your audience!

We want to ensure that your campaign is set up for success. Head over to DemocraticAds.com and create an account today!

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