How Optimal Helped Veeam Increase Web Traffic by 600%

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As a global company, Veeam’s digital advertising drives leads from many different regional markets. However, Veeam found that lead quality varied significantly from region to region. Optimal was challenged with creating a full-funnel strategy to drive more high-quality leads through top-revenue markets and increase total lead volume—all while attaining a lower average cost per lead.


Working closely with the client, Optimal revamped Veeam’s paid advertising program with a full-funnel digital strategy, increasing engagement, leads, and product purchases.

Upper Funnel: Display

To keep overall lead volume high and to optimize cost per lead, Optimal implemented Google Smart Display campaigns. Smart Display campaigns use the power of Google’s machine learning to maximize lead volume at the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

However, while Smart Display campaigns are a highly efficient way to grow total leads, the smart bidding algorithm is not capable of optimizing for lead quality. To maintain quality, Optimal restructured the campaigns to ensure that budget was weighted more heavily toward Veeam’s top-revenue sales markets. By pairing Google’s smart automation with regional budget constraints, and aggressive ad testing and optimizations, Optimal was able to grow global leads while also improving lead quality.

Mid Funnel: Paid Social Advertising

Optimal expanded Veeam’s digital strategy to include paid social advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn. With precise targeting options like skills-based targeting as well as unique ad formats like lead form ads, these social platforms are excellent tools for B2B lead generation. To attract and engage in-market, and demographically relevant social users, Optimal’s social strategy focused on driving asset downloads to build a robust audience to fuel Veeam’s remarketing efforts.

Lower Funnel: Remarketing

Optimal’s display and paid social advertising strategies effectively increased traffic and engagement with Veeam. But, to help nurture those leads further down the purchasing funnel, Optimal established remarketing campaigns on various ad networks including; Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. The remarketing campaigns targeted customers that had previously engaged with Veeam’s content, whether through paid ads or directly on the Veeam website.

The campaigns also utilized Veeam’s own CRM customer data to remarket cross-channel to customers of other Veeam products. Aligning the remarketing strategy to Veeam’s customer touchpoints, the campaigns promoted free product trials, bringing these users one step closer to making a final product purchase.


After just one quarter working with Optimal, Veeam’s product downloads increased 80% quarter over quarter. Additionally, the strategy contributed to a 600% increase in web traffic, a 62% decrease in cost per product download, and a 62% decrease in average cost per click.

Performance continued to improve following a full implementation of the digital advertising strategy. Optimal was able to exceed Veeam’s performance goals and drive a substantial increase in performance.

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